Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bragging Rights

It's solely within my rights as Mommy to brag about the Nugget's latest achievements!

-Today he counted to five!  "One-two-fee-fo-five."  It gets a little dicey after that, he likes to skip around and "nine" seems to be a favorite and is thrown in several times for good measure.

-Oh my gosh, the ABC song!  Wow the cuteness is just overwhelming as he shyly and proudly chimes in with me.  It seems with every rendition, he recognizes and adds another letter to the song.  He's starting to correctly notice letters on signs and clothing and point them out too.  We also sign the ABCs and he is starting to hold my hands to "feel" the letters and attempt to shape his fingers the same way.

-He's like a lemur on the playground lately.  He's added the balance beam, a chain ladder, and a twisty ladder to his repertoire.  Just a few months ago, he would creep cautiously on the wobbly bridge, scurrying back to the safety of the platform if a big kid passed him and made it lurch.  Now, he's the kid jumping furiously on it, controlling a Nugget-powered mini earthquake.  He attacks the merry-go-round every time, although he's been thrown from it, knocked over by it, whacked in the head by it, injured in basically every way an inanimate object can hurt a child.  This is a child who does not need encouragement to "get back on the horse"; rather I am holding him back from it, the tears from his latest injury still flowing down his cheeks, his limbs flailing desperately, propelling him back towards the object of both his injury and obsession.  He loves it fervently and is mastering it a little more with each trip to the park.  This week he learned to slow it down by dragging his feet and (to Mommy's chagrin) how to mount and dismount it while in motion.  We try to hit the playground during school hours, so the speed is at least limited to the strength of the four-year-old set.

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