Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend and a Summer Wish

We spent the last hurrah of summer at Grammy and Grandpa's house.  My cousin K got married, and we were honored to be included in her special day.  

The Nugget got to nap through the ceremony at my parents' house while Daddy watched football to kill time (poor guy)!  Daddy delivered the Nugget just in time for a family photo at the church.  The Nugget was a very happy dancer, the kind of exuberant toddler we used to admire in our pre-parent days, bopping around on the dance floor and hamming it up for the photographer.

The weekend itself was very relaxing, just the sort of small vacation we needed.  The Nugget played at the park, mastered the giant tube slide with the help of his new neighborhood buddy T.  He created music on the piano and got to watch exotic shows like Yo Gabba Gabba and Blues Clues courtesy of my parents' DVR.  He laughed uproariously at squirrels drinking "wa-wer" from the bird bath.  He asked Grammy over and over for "mo ca-cker peas".  He begged for "mo Melmo" but fled to the security of a lap before Tickle Me Elmo could start cackling and twitching.  He was quick to offer night-night hugs all around.

When he slept, we got to relax with a cold drink, abundant snacks, and the kinds of laughter only siblings can elicit.  I am renewed in my courage to keep on the adoption road, because despite all the pain and fear of disrupting, I want the Nugget to experience that type of laughter.  And thanks, Mom and Dad, for providing us with each other.  

Today, I thank God so much for our Nugget, our little blessing, who brings love and joy to so many.  I pray for one more star in my bright sky, a little one to dance to the Nugget's beat, breathe on him in the car, fart on his pillow, and to become his best friend for life.

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