Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dialogue with the Nugget

The Nugget's vocabulary seems to triple in size each day.  There are stretches of time when he never stops talking.  An example from this morning.

Nugget (over the monitor):  *Dawa, Dawa, Dawa!  Ooooh.  Bouche.  Hop.  Hop, hop, hop.

Mommy:  Good morning, Nugget.  Did you have a nice sleep?

N:  Yeah.  Mommy happy?

M:  Yes, I'm very happy to be here with you.

N:  Good.  Yeah.  *Jaff happy.  Aww, nice.  Night night.  (Pretends to go back to sleep, then jumps back up.)  Hahahaha, all done!  Doggie?  Doggie?  Doggie?  Daddy?  Daddy?

M:  Doggie is downstairs.  Daddy is at work.

N:  Yeah.  Ok.  Eat?  Happysauce?  Juice?  (coming downstairs).  Down, down, down.  Plop.  Plop.  (Throws Jaff)  Oooh, jaff far!

M:  Pick your spoon, please!

N:  Bwooo.  No, pink.  (feeds Jaff) Num, num, num, num, num.  (Climbs into chair.)  I buckle.  Up, down.  UPPY, DOWN!  Plop.  (Points to food and dose of Prevacid set out on table.)  Wilk.  Bewwie.  Spoon.  Messin.   Cup.

*The cast...
Dawa - an approximation of his friend D's name.  He sees her a couple times a week but speaks of her daily.  He loves her, she tolerates him until he tries to make off with one of her toys.
Jaff - his bedtime giraffe.

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  1. Dawa speaks daily of the nugget also! They really are cute together until like you said, he tries to make off with her toy. Then watch out everyone!!