Sunday, October 4, 2009

Funny Stuff

A random collection of funny/cute things the Nugget has said or done recently:

1.  When he eats chicken, he calls it "bock-bocks", you know, the noise the chicken makes.  His friends K&K have a chicken coop in their back yard.  He also calls the live chickens "bock-bocks", then says, "Eat."  Grandpa says, "Well, he's a carnivore."  He is now offically eating any kind of chicken, not just the fried nugget variety - whew!

2.  Grammy and Grandpa brought the Nugget a stuffed moose.  He introduced himself to it like it was a new friend.  He said, "Hi Moose!", he waved at it, he pointed to its big grin and said, "Happy!", then gave it a hug and kiss.  Oh the joys of stuffed animals - I just wish they could be somehow deflated for storage purposes - we have a very modest number, and they are still filling 6 storage bins.

3.  He can say "applesauce" very clearly, but sometimes calls it "happysauce".  Eating applesauce does indeed make him happy.

4.  Every day since our summer vacation, he's been asking to go to "Ca-go" (Chicago).  When he sees a plane, he both names it, then asks if it is going to "Ca-go".  While Chicago wasn't our destination this past summer, we did spend several hours in O'Hare (and several more in a stationary plane on their runway), so apparently, it's the thing that stuck in the Nugget's brain.  We'll try to hit Chicago later this fall for a trip to Shedd Aquarium or another indoor pursuit.

5.  The Nugget got to Skype with his Grandma and Papa last week.  Since then, when he sneaks into the office, he immediately points to the computer and asks for Papa.  

6.  While not unusual, the Nugget is at the stage where he'll hear a number and immediately count out loud, from that number up to 10.  While watching the football game, they'd say the score, the down, or the yards to go, and he'd chant 4-5-6-7-8-9-10!  

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  1. Like you Annie, I think that all those things that they do are simple yet so amazing and they never fail to put a smile on our face. I love the Happy Sauce one!