Thursday, October 8, 2009


A very boring post, I'm sure, but I wanted to write down some housekeeping goals.  I think I have been improving in my housekeeping abilities and general attitude towards this noble contribution to our family, but there is always room for improvement, and I find writing down goals to always be helpful!

1.  Cook 6 dinners a week instead of 4.  (But feel no guilt or shame if a dinner fails and we have to get pizza, it's the effort that counts.)  

2.  Try at least 1 new recipe per week.

3.  Try at least 1 meatless dinner per week.

4.  Work on service projects:  Terracycle and Baking Gals.  Anyone out there looking for a from-home community service project, these are great causes!  You can help me or start your own collection brigade or baking team.  I am super excited about this one because I've felt that my service has been sorely lacking since becoming a mom, so pumped that I can help from home!

5.  Let Hubby help with sweeping floors, putting away laundry.

6.  Every day:  Laundry, dishes, counters, recycling, trash, tidy

7.  Every other day:  Bathroom, vacuum

8.  Every week:  change sheets and towels, mop floors, grocery shop

That's it for now!  A respectable challenge for me, the housework-impaired.


  1. Ooo, I'll send you some cookbooks. We have a veg one (Moosewood) coming out, and some other fun ones.

  2. Was that 'let hubby help with sweeping....' because you don't let him help, or because you're dropping a hint?
    B ":o)

  3. I need to be better about letting Hubby help with things. My mom was homemaker of the year (I'm not kidding), so I have a hard time allowing myself to not live up to that standard.