Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unpaid Plugs

Fellow parents, I need to rave about a couple things that have made my life better!  As always, these are unpaid (darn!) endorsements.

1.  Dinosaur Train - airs on PBS at 9:30am.  It has a very nice, strong adoption theme and positive adoption language too!  The main character is a baby T-Rex who was adopted by a Pteranodon family.  They ride a time-traveling train and meet all different dinosaur species.  There is absolutely no violence, despite the fact that there are both carnivores and herbivores featured on the show.  The scariest thing is a dinosaur roar, but no worse than hearing the lions at the zoo.  It sneaks in a lot of education, not only about dinos, but also about scientific method and animal classification skills.  I like the Nugget to have exposure to other adoptive families, and he fervently loves trains, so it's a win-win.  

2.  Diapers.com  I started ordering our naptime/travel disposables here instead of Amazon, just to use a coupon code, but now I'm hooked!  Free 2-day shipping with orders over $49, got a giant book of coupon codes with my first order, and right now they're having a super sale with lots of rarely-discounted brands like Mustela and Plan Toys.  I placed a second order that wraps up our Christmas shopping for the Nugget and a gift for an upcoming baby shower.  When I found that they included the wrong puzzle, I called Customer Care - they are sending the correct puzzle next-day and are letting me keep the one they sent (still worth $15!) for free since it was their error.  Wow.

3.  Toys-R-Us has a new grocery section with lots of organic, healthy options you can't find elsewhere at reasonable prices.  We snapped up some rice cakes with omega-3's, some organic fruit and cereal bars, low sugar granola bars, and some special squeezable snack packs of unsweetened fruit puree.

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