Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Nugget likes to make his own contractions. Here are just a few.

Cay'roll: carry the roll (a small changing pad)
Bob'mato: Bob the Tomato (a character on VeggieTales)
Gr'ish: Go Irish!
Other tidbits of funny business:

1. I told Hubby that he might want to change his shirt after shoveling snow, since it was starting to smell a little locker room-ish. The Nugget looked him straight in the eye and added, "Yeah."

2. We've been attending church regularly for several months now. It is always a challenge. The Nugget just doesn't have the temperment or the maturity to sit still and quiet for an hour, but he tries his best. He does love going and asks if we can go on most weekdays as well. His very favorite part is the Sign of Peace. He walks up and down the pews, proffering handshakes like a politician on the campaign trail. Once he's shaken every hand in reaching distance, he starts over again. The kind souls behind us today got about 10 hearty handshakes!

3. When the Nugget gets ahold of any credit-card sized object (he has a beloved book of customer loyalty cards and expired train passes), he knows to swipe it and look for a pin pad. I realize this may not be funny to anyone else since we normally use our debit card and he's just mimicking us. But when I was little money = bills and coins with dead presidents. The fact that our 2 year old is swiping plastic just blows my mind! I mocked the new Monopoly Electronic Banking edition, but maybe it IS more appropriate for today's kids; I guess they should be practicing with the type of money they are going to carry. The downside to this particular behavior is that he "swiped" a paper parking ticket into the car's cd player and I think it's stuck.

4. The Nugget has recently informed us that all of his stuffed animals are "girls" and their names all happen to be "Church".

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