Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Filling the stockings

Don't forget the stockings when you're doing your Christmas shopping!

1. Baby Gap socks - they really stay on! This set is on sale, and the red stripes are so festive!
2. Bibs - Carter's makes the ubiquitous "my first Christmas" or go for the luxurious Bumkins organic cotton bibs that will last through a jillion washings.
3. Wood teether - Little Alouette makes beautiful hand-crafted options.

1. Her very own enamelware cup! Shatterproof, durable, adorable. Holds just enough liquid to satisfy, yet not enough to cause a full table flood when spilled.
2. Gummi vitamins - in lieu of candy canes, give something that will taste great and keep your kid healthy. They can vary widely in taste and texture, but Nordic Naturals makes a delicious tangerine gummi that melts in your mouth, but also packs omega-3s! Better keep it in a locked cupboard!
3. Mittens, because toddlers lose them. Here's the Nugget's most recent mitten acquisition - how cute are they?! Add mitten clips from the Target dollar spot.

1. Smencils are made from recycled newspaper, sharpen and write smoothly, and hold a scent! Your kid will be the envy of his classmates! Along the same lines, consider other art supplies like play-doh, rubber stamps, stickers, watercolors, or pastels.
2. Kitchen utensils - pair them with a kids' cookbook, a bag of baking mix, and a handmade apron for a bigger gift.
3. A Broadway Kids' cd for your aspiring singer. If you like showtunes, you'll be rocking out with your kids too.

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