Wednesday, December 30, 2009


'Gether = together
Used in a sentence: Duckie and Piggie ride stwoller 'gether!
Parent hack: Can convince Nugget to do an unfavorable activity by suggesting Mommy/Daddy/stuffed friend and Nugget do it 'gether.

Nogurt = Yogurt
Used in a sentence: I eat nogurt breakfast please.

Fwell = Smell
Used in a sentence: My turn fwell it please. (It is usually chapstick)

Klect = Collect
Used in a sentence: I klect pinecones in gween bucket!

P.S. Speech therapist sis-in-law, don't worry, when we speak to the Nugget, we do in fact give him the correct pronunciations.
The Nugget, when awake, is talking. He likes to repeat the same sentence until one of the parental units acknowledges his token of wisdom. If said parental unit does not respond with the exact words he's expecting in the appropriate time frame, there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. If parental unit is unable to come up with the proper phrase in T-10 seconds, the wailing escalates to full-on tantrum until the correct phrase is uttered or the parental unit gives up and leaves the area for the Nugget to continue his tantrum solo. It's as if the Nugget has scripted the conversation yet his minions failed to provide the parental units with a copy. Is this what they meant by the terrible twos? I find it somewhat amusing, although the 14th instance in a day is somewhat less amusing.

An example...
N: A doggie - woof woof!
PU: Yes! That's right!
N: No!!! A doggie - woof woof! A doggie - woof woof! (escalating to yelling)
PU: Yes a doggie. A nice brown doggie.
N: (Throws self on floor. Face turning red.)
PU: The doggie says woof woof?
N: (Regaining composure, wiping tears and snot off face) Yeah.

Now, because these conversations have become so taxing and often do not yield Nugget-desired results, the Nugget has recently taken to prompting us with our correct lines.
An example...

PU: (Rubbing Nugget with lotion, which he despises)
N: No wike lotion! All better now! All better now!
PU: (Finished with lotion service) All better now!
N: Yeah!

Or, the more embarrassing scenario where the toddler's manners are better than ours...
PU: Nugget, come here.
N: Come here PWEASE.
PU: Oh you're right, I forgot to say please. Nugget, come here please!
The Nugget likes a toy to "watch" him eat meals. Lately it's been either the camel from his nativity set or a wooden fried egg from his kitchen. The watching toy is expected to cheer the Nugget on when he buckles his highchair strap and pretend to munch foods from his plate. This sounds like a pain for the parents, but the watcher can frequently cajole him into tasting unfamiliar foods, so it's kind of a wash. I believe this habit started with his pumpkin friend in October. We just accept it as part of the mealtime routine now, but I recently realized that a mealtime watcher is an uncommon practice in most households.
The Nugget does not use the words "am" or "is" yet, and I can't fully describe how adorable his sentences sound without these verbs. Some examples:

"I poopin'!"

"I counting, Mommy!"

He'll learn soon enough.

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  1. I really enjoy "seeing" the Nugget grow through the words you write about him or from him!
    And yes, table-side watchers have been part of our daily lives for quite a while. From his furry friends to now his trains, Noah invites a guest for breakfast, lunch or dinner every day. They are supposed to watch him eat. If we move them in a way that does not allow them to fully participate, we are asked to reposition the guest!