Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is our second year here in our home, and we are starting to carve out our own traditions. Our downtown has a lovely free Christmas celebration and yesterday was the perfect winter day. Crisp and sunny, cold enough to bundle, but without the painful bite that so often accompanies winter days here.

Pictured above, the Nugget receives a special treat from the chocolate company. I usually dislike milk chocolate, but they make the best - creamy and rich, not much sugar. The Nugget approved.

The Nugget and his T-Rex (who accompanies him everywhere these days) gave Santa a big hug. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, "A hug." Even the bitterest Scrooge is no match for the Nugget.

And best of all, the Nugget and T-Rex got a free ride on a special downtown trolley. The Nugget is well-acquainted with trolleys. He and I try to hop on the campus trolley about once a month, to help sate his craving for rides in exotic vehicles, especially now that the zoo train is closed for the winter. This ride was much shorter than the campus sweep, but he received a ticket to hold and enjoyed looking at the tinseled and lit city through fingerprinted windows.

There was also a Santa's Workshop in a local museum, but so we'll save that for next year. Little feet and big eyes just can't be rushed, and our free parking spot was only good for 2 hours.

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