Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

You know that scene where Zuzu asks George to "paste it"? Lately, we've been feeling very George Bailey-like, because the Nugget is constantly breaking bananas, pieces of bread, cereal bars, etc. and begs us to, "Fix it please." Unfortunately, he is smarter than Zuzu and doesn't fall for the broken piece in the parental pocket con. When we fail to magically repair a broken mandarin orange slice, there is much despair. I've been trying to explain to him that 1.) We aren't magical deities, that we're just fallible people like him, only with more mileage and 2.) Broken bananas still taste ok. The Nugget regards both theories with suspicion.
Inanimate object du jour is a kid-sized chair that arrived this week courtesy of my best friend Amazon. Holy good deal, Batman! (I've been waiting for the PBK Hybrids to go on sale, but my miserly brain can't wrap itself around the concept that $100+shipping = sale.) The Nugget immediately dubbed it his "Thinking Chair", sat right down and tapped his fingers happily on the armrests. The Thinking Chair has taken up residence in his room, to replace the glider (with realistic finger pinching action!) that has moved to the nursery/guestroom. Anytime he sits down, he wants to sing the Thinking Chair song, which is pretty cute. This morning, I came into the Nugget's room, where he was happily carrying on a conversation with Thinking Chair.

"Wow! Whoa! Pound it, Thinking Chair. Pow, pow, pow!"

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