Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Nugget's Menu

"Welcome to Chez Nugget. May I provide monsieur with a bib? Sir has a choice of green transportation or red farm animals. The red cow moo? Excellent choice, sir. Yes, you may fasten it yourself. Would sir please sit on his bottom? Not on your knees sir, on your bottom. On your bottom. I'm waiting. Thank you. No, not to pound your fork on the table, please. Please sir, the nose boogie is not an appetizer. Let me take care of that for you. Here is your napkin, and the chef will be serving you momentarily."

Beck-fist - served with a cup of milk
1. 2 nogurts
2. Oatmeal with cranbewies, bown sugar, and milk
3. Messin - still on the Prevacid for reflux
4. Fresh berries in the summer

Some snack - served with water
1. Kashi cereal bar or
2. Crackers and fruit

Lunch - served with a fruit of choice and milk
1. Annie's mac'roni or
2. Whole grain flaxseed toaster waffle with pea'butter and honey or
3. Pea'butter and jeh-wee on whole wheat bread or
4. Turkey hot dog on whole wheat bun with some ketchup mustard please or
5. Some soup with crackers

Some snack - served with a cup of diluted juice
1. Cereal with milk or
2. Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese or
3. Hummus and bread/veggies
4. Apple slices with pea' butter

Dinner - whatever we're having, but current Nugget favorite entrees/side dishes include:
1. Poodle noodles (spaghetti) and turkey meatballs
2. Snowman noses (steamed carrots)
3. Turkey tacos
4. 7 Layer mexican dip
5. Broccoli mac & cheese
6. Whole wheat pizza with pep'roni, pineapple, and extra garlic
7. Blueberry pancakes with ooooo-cream! (Reddiwhip) and bacon
8. Cornmeal muffins
9. Chicken parmesan
10. French potage

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  1. The menu looks wonderful! Can we make a reservation? 2 please!