Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010

New Year's resolutions are so cliche, so I'll call them goals instead.

1. In recognition of the simple fact that I cannot do it all, I will mindfully choose what I will neglect each morning. Today (and until I kick this cold), it is housekeeping. I hope that by voicing my limitations, I will remember throughout the day that though a woman's work may never be done, that's ok.

2. I will let Hubby parent on his own terms, even if that means stepping out of the room. If I feel that he needs help, I will ask first instead of just taking over.

3. I will ask for help when I need it. I will not be afraid to share my feelings with those I trust.

4. I will say learn to say, "No." To responsibilities I can't take on, to opportunities that will tire instead of fulfill. I will learn to acknowledge the guilt that follows, but I will not let it rule my life.

5. I will listen to my maternal instincts and trust in them. I will remain open to other points of view and read about other ideas, methods, and research; yet at the end of the day, I will believe in myself and trust that I know my son better than Drs. Spock or Sears. I will accept that parenting has been and always will be, trial and error. I will accept that I cannot be a perfect mother to my son, only a loving one. I will let glares and judgments on my parenting roll off my back, knowing that those who criticize are unsure of their own way. I will accept that the mistakes I make with him now could very well land him in therapy later, but I will also accept that I have always and will always do my best and love him with my whole heart.

10 has long been my favorite number. May 2010 be a lucky year for all of us!

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