Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Windy City

We took a mini vacation to Chicago this weekend while the painter worked his magic on our dining room. I've been wanting to take the Nugget to Shedd Aquarium since we moved back to the Midwest, so I found a great package deal on a downtown hotel and aquarium tickets. I am proud to report that the Nugget added "pigeon" and "Zamboni" to his vocabulary this weekend. There are some things best learned in the city. The Nugget was surprisingly amenable, and here are the weekend's highlights from his point of view.

10. "I drink water" from a drinking fountain at Shedd.

9. "Squeezee nogurt" at Panera. Yogurt in a tube! So good.

8. "A sea lion splashing."

7. "I look for alligators. Alligators, where are you?!" - gotta check each sewer grate.

6. "I go wee down slide." - at the Penguin Polar Playzone in Shedd. About a zillion times. A penguin's life for me!

5. "I pwess elevator buttons." - at the hotel.

4. "I use key, open door." - at the hotel. This process is best performed SLOWLY if one of the parents needs to use the bathroom.

3. "I ride silver train with Mommy and Daddy 'gether. Some snacks please." Mommy carries better snacks when we're on vacation.

2. "I ride bus! I ride another bus. I ride different bus now." I want to know why we can't board every single bus in the city and find out where they go.

1. "Look! A spinny door!" I want one installed in my bedroom, stat.

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