Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Association

Grammy: (Sees that Nugget has milk on his chin and makes a suggestion, pointing). Napkin?
Nugget: (also pointing) Table!
Seeing that Grammy and Mommy are both laughing, the Nugget goes on,
N: Napkin? Table! Napkin? Table!
G: Let's do free association. I say fork, you say...
N: Napkin? Table! Chair! Wall! Ceiling! Spoon! Placemat!
Nugget: Grammy, play ring-around-rosie, please!
G: No thank you. Grammy will just watch you. Grammy could break an ankle. (the snow was really crusty)
The Nugget gave her the most perplexed look, but accepted her very scientific explanation.
The Nugget noticed I was eating leftover enchiladas for breakfast and exclaimed,
"Mommy eatin' chihuahuas!"
The Nugget likes to discuss Doggie's markings,
"Doggie black and white! Doggie have a stripe on it. Doggie have polka dots on nose, leg."
The Nugget is smitten with a guinea pig. Clearly, this is a boy after my own heart. (I once had 12 pigs under my roof.) He meet Piggie Walter at his preschool open house yesterday. It took about 20 minute before he spotted it, but then his face was glued to the window. I can always tell when he is smiling from behind, because I can see his little cheeks lift up towards his brown eyes.
"Whoooooaaa! Hi guinea pig. Hi guinea pig. Whoooooaaa! Guinea pig go fast through tube!"
The Nugget has recently decided that a purple octopus in one of his books is "Mommy Octopus". Not sure why, because it does not have a baby pictured with it. Does this mean he thinks it looks like me?
More Nugget Pronunciations:
Doos = Does
Toomingos = Flamingos
Anmals = Animals

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  1. But of course the octopus! Don't you see that he cannot imagine how you can make things happen everyday if you don't have multiple arms? You ARE the octopus :)