Thursday, March 18, 2010

More than Mommy

I had another, "Who the heck am I?" moment the other day, so I figured it was time for another "me-list".

10. I am not a phone person. I mean, if you are very talkative, I am happy to listen, but I'd much rather e-mail. While I find lulls in natural conversations comfortable, they make me absolutely self-conscious on the phone.

9. I'd rather shop for gifts than shop for myself. It's pure fun, less guilt involved.

8. I love the smell of Scotch tape, lilacs, and the ocean. I hate the smell of cinnamon buns, permanent markers, and any bakery-scented candles.

7. I have very bizarre, very vivid dreams. I average about 4 nightmares/anxiety dreams each week. I get murdered in my dreams about once a week, so no, you don't actually die if you die in your dream, I know from experience. Two nights ago, I was shot in the stuff. I fly in my dreams at least twice a month. I used to be able to lucid dream.

6. I feel that all religions offer some grain of truth, but that no one has it totally right. I believe that God is love and love is God. It boggles my mind when religions push war, violence, discrimination, and exclusion...or focus so hard on the rules and regulations that they miss the whole beauty of life and what could be.

5. I find it very hard to sit longer than 30 minutes without getting up. I actually get indigestion if I am forced to sit for a long movie, a meeting, or a flight. Hubby is constantly having to pause our Netflix rentals so I can stretch my legs and finish the 3-5 little tasks I come up with during the course of a hour long show.

4. I hate the show, King of the Hill, but I find that once it starts, I just can't stop watching it. Do you have a show that sucks you in like quicksand?

3. People often tag me as "quiet", but I'm not. I really like to listen and get to know people, so sometimes at the beginning of a friendship, I'll forget to talk. But I'll get over that once I get to know you better.

2. Just because I do something or believe in something doesn't mean that I expect anyone else to do the same.

1. I don't like sad movies. I can deal with a sad moment in an otherwise uplifting movie, but not an overwhelmingly sad movie. I realize this could make me shallow, but I watch movies for their escape value.

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