Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Shy

The Nugget is often declared, "shy" by strangers, but he's not. He's cautious. He's careful. He's observant. He takes awhile to warm up. He has occasional bouts of separation anxiety. He immediately goes into a smiley game of peek-a-boo with lovely ladies. But he's not shy. In fact, being a semi-cautious child myself, "shy" is one of my least favorite words. It's a label, one with a negative connotation. Yes, you can FEEL shy for a moment, but to claim that someone IS shy is something else entirely. It ignores all the other facets of an individual and reduces them to timidity. And that's not fair to anyone.

In familiar places, with familiar faces, he'll plunge laughing into the activity. He's not the least bit hesitant when he sees costumed walkabout characters. In fact, last summer, he leapt from a picnic table at the fair and chased down a very freaky looking walking brain, desperate to hug it. Animals are met with cackles of glee. When there's a pack of children running, you can bet the Nugget will join the fray with stomping, giddy feet. Pictured is the Nugget with his beloved Grandpa, mere minutes after Grammy-Grandpa's arrival. He nestled himself right on Grandpa's lap without a moment's hesitation.

But when the scenery is new and the people unfamiliar, the Nugget prefers to observe from the safe place just behind my leg or high up in his Daddy's arms. He'll peek and hide, checking to make sure it's safe. When he's assessed the situation and found it satisfactory, he'll start giving high fives like there's no tomorrow.

I like to think that this personality trait will serve him well. He won't miss out on exciting opportunities, but he'll "check himself before he wrecks himself."

Don't let others tell you who you are, Nugget. Not even Mommy.

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