Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our first tubing adventure

Our local alumni club sponsored a family snow tubing event one evening this week. We decided to take the Nugget for his first sledding experience. I discovered, that like my brother, parenthood has activated some sort of worry/cautious/protective gene (I felt so nervous for those half-pipe snowboarders' parents - their hearts must just stop while their precious children twist and flip so high above the icy ground), so I made the Nugget wear his bike helmet, despite some eye rolling from Hubby. Well, I'm glad I did, because that hill looked really steep!

The safety instructor taught Daddy and Nugget how to get seated, not with kid on lap as we would have guessed, but in separate tubes, with Daddy in front. Daddy hooked his arm around the Nugget's leg and tube, so they came down together. They came whooshing down the hill, and when they came to a stop, I held my breath, waiting for either gasping tears or laughter.

"Sled go so fast! Whee! Again please!"

So my fearless boys climbed the hill again and again, until the light faded from the sky and the hot cocoa beckoned.

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  1. YAY!!! I'm glad he enjoyed it. You just reminded me (as I'm a blonde and had completely forgotten) that there's a tubing place 15 minutes from our house! (I don't routinely pass it, so I forget it's there). 55" of snow, and I haven't taken advantage of the tubing place. Hmmm, I need to re-evaluate this...
    B ":o)