Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pajama Time

Here are some overdue photos of the Nugget in his Thinking Chair. Every night, he shimmies out of his clothes, puts on his own lotion, helps me fasten on his nighttime diaper, and pulls on his pjs. (After our horrific 3 week quarantine in the house, imprisoned by the Nugget's determination to dress and undress completely unassisted, he has emerged as a quite the accomplished dresser. The whole routine was taking upwards of an hour, and now he can do all that in 5-10 minutes. I can hear angels singing an Alleluia chorus when that final zipper zoops its way up to his collar!)

Then he plops down in his Thinking Chair and sings the Thinking Chair song a few times. Lastly, he pulls out a very worn copy of Pajama Time (the cover has been repaired with packing tape not once, but 3 times), and he reads it out loud.

He knows the words by heart, but always replaces a few. The funniest change out is supposed to read, "Some are pink and some are green. Some are the ugliest you've ever seen." The Nugget favors his own version, "Some are pink and some are green. Funny jammas!" (Perhaps that's only entertaining to us.)

At the end, when the animals turn out the light, he whispers them all goodnight. "Goodnight piggie, chicken, sheep, hippo, cat." Then he deposits it back into the pocket of his Thinking Chair, and Daddy hefts the big boy into his crib.

While there are definitely still challenges, I think we've made peace with this phase. Hearing the Nugget read out loud is ample reward for my lost housebound month. Thank you, Sandra Boynton!

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