Friday, February 5, 2010

SWAK - not really because it's flu season

Our Valentine's Day prep is in full swing. I know it's a Hallmark-invented holiday, but it is a welcome distraction from the cold and permacloud.

Project 1: I made tissue pom poms and hung them from our chandelier! Here's the link for instructions - you know you want to make some too!

Project 2: The Nugget and I made placemats! I carved a couple of potato stamps, set out red and purple tempera paints, and we decorated 3 sheets of pink construction paper. After they dried, I laminated them. My laminator was a V-Day gift from Hubby several years ago - he knows me well!

Project 3: I baked Peanut Butter Kiss cookies for Hubby's co-workers and packaged them in tiny old-school paper treat sacks. I like to make their treats early, because offices are always deluged with treats right on the holiday, so many go stale or are turned down because everyone has already indulged too much. Early treats are a tasty surprise!

Project 4: The Nugget is attending his first 2 V-Day parties this year. I found individual organic cracker packs on sale at Babies-R-Us! I figure there will be plenty of candy, so I'm bringing the salty carbs! The Nugget decorated some pre-cut construction paper hearts with stickers and the aforementioned potato stamps. Each kid will get a pack of crackers and a homemade valentine, in a cello bag with a ribbon bow. I like to use fabric ribbons so the little girls in the group can reuse them for their ponytails!

I am also hoping to celebrate Chinese New Year this year - it's the Year of the Tiger - grrr! What are you doing for Feb 14th?

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