Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

February 14th is so much more fun with kids! The Nugget has been wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day for about a week now. Here he is at one of his Valentines' parties. He has 2 mailboxes stuffed with valentines from his friends. He carries them around the house proudly and shows us his, "Look! Special cards!" He tells us that, "I go party with friends! Playing with friends so fun!"

On Valentine's morning, the Nugget discovered a new book from us, purchased with our university bookstore staff discount.

Today when we picked up some groceries, a kind cashier gifted the Nugget with a leftover mylar heart balloon. It is just as shiny and floaty as it was 2 days ago, and the Nugget was very pleased.

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