Sunday, March 28, 2010

busy weekend

It's been an eventful month. Right after our Florida vacation, Hubby went on a weeklong business trip. He returned just in time for a plethora of weekend activities, then it's a short week and off to my folks' house, where we'll celebrate Easter and have a shower for Baby Manny (the Nugget's cousin-to-be).

Pictured above, the Nugget shows off his umbrella and new rain boots. The windbreaker jacket is also making its first appearance as spring seems to be here to stay. I love that Grammy chose one with dark gray sleeves - all jackets for small messy children should have dark sleeves!

The Nugget got to celebrate his friend M's 3rd birthday on Saturday - toddlers bounced and cake was devoured. A good nap was had afterwards. The Nugget discovered party blowers and enjoyed watching his unfurl until he misplaced it.

We took a spontaneous trip to the (free!) Ag Fair this morning after a friend posted about it on her Facebook page (I'm starting to wonder what we did before FB) - farm animals were patted and I think I used up my entire bottle of hand sanitizer. The Nugget was especially taken with the ducklings.

This afternoon we participated in our moms' group egg hunt - our children, bedecked in colorful wellies, raced over the lawn of a local school and filled their baskets with shiny eggs. This is my favorite kind of weekend - simple pleasures and the joy of discovery.

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