Friday, March 5, 2010

Conversations in the car

Nugget: Nugget going to eat. Going to eat clouds.
Me: Ok. What do clouds taste like?
N: Fruit. Clouds are fruity.

N: Oooo! A bus, a purple bus! I know Nugget wants to ride purple bus. I know Nugget wants to ride purple bus, blue bus, yellow bus.
Me: Yes, Nugget loves buses. You want to ride them all.
N: (sadly) Yeah. I ride Mommy's car.

N: (Sees a pile of dirt.) Ooo! Dirt mountain! Digger truck made dirt mountain. I no see digger truck. Digger truck, where are you? Oh, digger truck go home.
On an unrelated note, you can tell I'm a Buckeye girl, because when it hit 40 degrees this week, I got all excited, busted out the puffy vests in lieu of our triple layer coats and took the Nugget to the playground, where he romped in a foot worth of snow to get to the finally-ice-free play structure. In WA, when it hits 40, the hardcore kids are dressed in full length down parkas. The others are all inside. Wait til it hits 50 - I might just get the shorts out.

1 comment:

  1. You must have hung around weather-wimps when you lived here because my friends and I are out in all kinds of cold and wet so the kids can play.
    Just yesterday it was 45 degrees and I wore some capri pants! Wheee! :-)
    P.S. You ARE a stud for heading to the playground in a foot of snow. The Nugget is so very lucky to have an adventurous and playful mommmy!