Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flowers for Mommy

Nugget: (noticing a sunbeam) Ooo! I like that sunshine!

N: (watching a photo slideshow of his friends but expecting it to be a video) Weewow and Skywa, move please!

A recent Nugget song:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Mommy and Daddy go to work
Daddy go to work in Daddy's car
Oh yeah. Digger truck goes scoop.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.
Ice cream, cake, bananana.
Snack please.

The Nugget pulled out his collection of planes and started zooming them around and landing them at the "airport". He's played this game before, but since our trip to FL, he added 2 new components.
1. He ran to his block bin and pulled out a cylinder, plunked it down at his airport and declared it was the control tower!
2. He started looking for airplane fuel, so I offered him his doll's juice cup, the kind that "empties" when you tip it. He happily fueled up all his planes, saying, "Gulp, gulp, gulp! Airplane drinking fuel!"

Pictured above, the Nugget discovered purple flowers (crocuses?) growing in the middle of our backyard. He immediately plucked just one and gave it to me, and I think my heart exploded. I remember that I had really wanted a girl, but I just knew our first child was going to be a boy. Originally, we thought we'd request that our second child be the opposite sex of our first, so that we could have one of each. But in moments like these, I know that I could definitely not love the Nugget any more if he were a girl, and so we have left it up to the universe to decide for us the second time around as well. In fact, his exuberant boy energy is fantastic, and I love it. My brother just found out they are having a girl. I know he was hoping for a boy, but I know he'll be wrapped around his daughter's little finger. Somehow God knows best which child we need.

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  1. He's such a smart little guy!! Love reading your posts!