Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail....2010

Here's what the Nugget is getting this year:
1. Ella's Kitchen Smoothie Fruits - usually on sale at Babies R Us.
3. A pinwheel and bunny ears from the Target Dollar Spot!
4. Probably a couple chocolates from my parents' local chocolate shop

Need some other ideas? Here they are, with a month to prepare yourselves!

Vintage Fun
1. Magic Capsules! Remember the little sponges that grow in water?
2. Astronaut Ice Cream - crunchy.
3. Tin Kaleidoscope - beautifully made
4. Gyro Wheel - sweet!
5. Your vintage candy: Junior Mints and Pop Rocks

Feeling European
1. How cute is this travel hedgehog game?
2. A racing snail? What's not to like?
3. Balloon-powered boat. I would love to see this in action!
4. Your European candy: Cadbury Flake and Salt Caramel Lollies

Little Explorer
4. Animal stickers
5. Your explorer's candy: Endangered Species chocolate. The manatee bar is my favorite. Not just because they are chubby. They're also delicious. The chocolate I mean, not the manatees.

My Toddler Still Puts Stuff In His Mouth, So No Choking Hazards Allowed
(Let's go with the flow and get him some nice new tableware!)
2. Lunchbots Pico - upgrade from your plastic snack cups
3. Tempered glass cups - he'll feel like a big kid and you can stop washing those darn sippies, but these won't break when he slams the table because the peas are touching his meatloaf

Handmade for Baby
1. This adorable hippo teether
2. A festive spring bib

For the adults
1. John and Kira's gourmet ladybugs - sneak these during the kids' naptime


  1. Ahhh, the Nugget in an Easter Basket. One of my all time favorite pics!! Still on our fridge!
    B ":o)

  2. GREAT ideas Annie! Love them. Thanks for collecting, creating and sharing. Happy early Easter. :)

  3. I love your lists and find that we are drawn to many of the same products.
    This will be Murphy's first Easter basket, and it contains 4 board books from Target Dollar Spot, a 99 cent stuffed chick, a 99 cent bunny sippy cup with straw, and few tiny toys and small treats from the party favor isle, tucked into plastic eggs.