Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toe Jam

The Nugget's new favorite pastime is looking for toe jam. He'll announce that, "I check toe jam now," and off come the shoes and socks. He'll search carefully between each toe, then double and triple check just to be sure. When he makes a linty find, he shows it to me with a big grin, all his adorable dimples showing. Ok, so maybe it's not the most socially acceptable habit, but his cutie patootie feet don't stink yet, and it's a relatively sedentary activity, which is pretty rare for the Nugget. So I'll take it.

I got him a coloring sheet from the library last week. It was an owl, which went along with the live streaming owl-cam they had set up on a counter, of course with a selection of owl story books. The Nugget was enamored with the owl cam, so I snagged the coloring sheet to do at home later. In a moment of utter post-dinner chaos, I tried to calm him with some coloring. I grabbed a purple crayon (his favorite color) and asked if he would help me color the owl's feet. He gladly lent a hand, scribbled around the talons, then pronounced, "Owl has purple toe jam."

I wonder what his preschool teachers will do if he tries to engage the entire class in a toe jam inspection this fall.

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