Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We're home and recovering from our very fun Easter trip. This is the third Easter we've spent at my parents' home and we were happy to continue the tradition this year.

The Nugget's favorite things:
5. Painting eggs
4. Playing at the park
3. Riding Grammy and Grandpa's new tricycle (will live there just for lucky grandkids)
2. Getting a very special hand-me-down purple truck from his super cool cousin F.
1. Showing off his new pinwheel and singing the baseball song for anyone willing to listen
We also got the opportunity to celebrate Baby Manny with 2 baby showers this weekend. We are so excited to welcome our niece and cousin. She has amassed quite the wardrobe already. Did you know that nearly all baby girl clothes are pink and brown right now? It definitely takes the guess work out of finding coordinates and luckily, my brother and sis-in-law are down with that color combination. I'll have to come up with an appropriate "blog nickname" for Baby Manny, but that might have to wait until I see her in person. Just think - next Easter's pictures will include her too!


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  2. Such a beautiful family photo!! Nugget is so CUTE! :)