Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome, Baby Cupcake!

Yesterday, the Nugget's Tummy Mummy L and her husband B welcomed their baby girl. We'll call her Cupcake on this blog. Cupcake is the Nugget's baby (half) (birth) sister!

I have to admit, I was having trouble figuring out just how this sibling relationship was going to work - Nugget and Cupcake will be raised by different parents, across the country from each other. I wondered if the Nugget would be resentful that L is able to parent Cupcake but wasn't able to parent him.

But yesterday, when I saw proud new parents post pictures of beautiful baby Cupcake, all those worries washed away. I know that Cupcake is full of love and good karma - she will give L all the joy and wonder that Nugget has given us. L made that joy possible, and now it's her turn to receive it! Nugget and Cupcake will always know their stories and will always know each other. Already I can see they have the same sweet mouth, with a tiny dimple in the middle of their bottom lips. I know the Nugget will still have questions, but we have the answers, thanks to open adoption. The Nugget was so proud to see pictures of his baby sister Cupcake today, and I know their relationship doesn't take away anything from the Nugget's future relationship with Lil' Sib. Love is all around us, and that's truly a miracle. Welcome, Baby Cupcake, and thanks for showing me how easy it is for love to grow. We look forward to watching you grow up!


  1. Aw, congratulations to L and her boyfriend, and welcome to the world, Baby Cupcake! I can't wait to see pictures. I guess I gotta hack into De's FB... :-)

  2. Congratulations to L & husband. Welcome to the world sweet baby Cupcake! Hooray for being a big brother, Nugget! xoxo. -Meg