Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Preparation

If you know me in person, you know I'm a planner to the nth degree. It's a sickness really. As the Nugget turns 3 in July (only 2 months - gah!), of course, I'm already planning his party.

My incredible moms' group (found them on Meetup, and seriously I'm not sure how I'd survive all the ups and downs of parenthood without them) does a birthday celebration each month, and we take turns hosting. We're going to host the July party in our backyard, and will just call it the Nugget's birthday party. I'll just set a limit to how many people we can entertain, and I won't have to worry about excluding anyone, because it will be up to the moms to rsvp and fill those slots.

Grammy and Grandpa are planning to drive in, and Hubby will be home too. In lieu of presents, folks will be bringing food to share for a potluck. Late morning through lunch, because that's when toddlers are at their best. I'm hoping for heat and sunshine so we can pull out the kiddy pool and the sprinkler. Bubbles, chalk, rides in the wagon, messy sand and water fun, and kicking balls are a given. I am so thankful that our boy has a summer birthday. It's such a treat for me to be able to turn the Nugget and his friends loose in our yard!

I'll be paying homage to the Nugget's airplane obsession:
1. He'll get to wear this shirt, yes the purple version, because he loves purple.
2. Handing out these sweet wooden airplanes for favors.
3. The craft will be stamping and sticker-ing little paper passports, made by me. Am making the Nugget's stationery for this year in the same theme.
4. The colors will be purple, orange, and red. Not much decorating to do, but I'm hoping for some bright balloons and I'll make mini cupcakes with purple sugar sprinkles.

We'll do gifts and dinner out later that evening, just a family affair.

His birthday loot from us:
1. 3 Matchbox airplanes, lovingly chosen by Daddy.
2. A doll Ergo carrier I scored for half-price on kidsteals. Hidden agenda gift - more prep for Lil Sib.
3. B Critter Clinic I found it on sale at Target, also using my Target Rewards 10% off, because I'm cheap like that! He already has a doctor's kit and more plushies than he needs, but look at the cool keyring and real working locks! He's going to be in heaven.
4. Plan Toys food set for his kitchen. The lids come off! This is a splurge, but the special type of toy that he'll be able to hand down to the next generation.
5. Alex bugs in the tub - time to replace some moldy bath toys, and I think he'll love catching the butterfly in the net. Wrote to Alex toys and confirmed that they are all phthalate-free - awesome!

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