Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The boys' section

The Nugget is currently wearing 5T clothing. As an obsessive planner, this means I now must stock his size 6 box, so that when he shoots up Alice-in-Wonderland-style, I can reach into a Rubbermaid bin instead of frantically taking him to Target in high water pants and a crop top shirt. He's also not the most pristine of children, so I try to get him enough clothes that I can change his entire outfit 3 times a day without sweating about our laundry situation.

Unfortunately, size 6 is officially the BOYS' section, which I have been avoiding like the dickens. I know I could have started looking there as early as size 4, but no thank you. I love boys and I love being Mommy to a boy, but the boys' section is freaking me out. Not only are the prices significantly higher, but the clothes just look so....old. I kid you not, crocodiles with blood dripping from their jaws, sk8ter shirts that say stuff in texting code that I can't buy because I have no clue what it means (any teenagers want to help me decode it?), SpongeBob picking his nose, and skulls everywhere. Not the cute smiley skulls, but the Ed Hardy monstrosities with snakes slithering out the eye socket and a dagger plunged through the top, the type you'd expect to see on a pimply teenager, not on a smiling chubby-cheeked 3 year old. Lord help me, I am not ready to see my innocent son in these clothes. I'm feeling depressed about the future of clothes shopping for the boy, and several times I have fled the boys' section in dismay and instead bought something cute and happy and 1/3 the price for Baby Manny.

Don't get me wrong, there are some cute exceptions to the rule, and I have so far acquired shirts featuring a lion, a tiger, a sunbathing lobster, 2 with helicopters (that the Nugget is already salivating over - "Dos hel'copter shirts too big?"), koi fish, and a crab. But instead of being able to pluck these from among many viable options in the toddler section, these were hard-sought after finds. It's like panning for gold.

Anyone have tips on where to find cute, reasonably-priced, age-appropriate boys' clothing?


  1. Wow, you're not kidding! When I read your post, I thought that surely Kohl's or Old Navy would have plenty of options, but from their websites it looks as if all the little boys' clothing is as you describe with only a few exceptions.

  2. Gymboree, Children's Place and Crazy 8's-I'm the mama who has a boy that will not wear a shirt with a collar or buttons so I have to buy all t-shirts....I too have to buy mostly size 5 now although some brands I can still buy needless to say, I buy every shirt with a musical, skater (no teenage themed), or sports theme. The collection from these 3 stores is quite blood, no characters and nothing a little boy shouldn't been seen in! good luck

  3. Thanks, S! I concur with your picks! Scored some long sleeve tees at TCP this week :)