Sunday, May 23, 2010

I want wear those shoulder straps, Mom

The Nugget has been mixing up his pronouns lately. He'll say "you" when referring to himself instead of I or me. It's kind of cute. For instance:
"Daddy gave you that can."
"Wanna ride your bike, please."

Today he and Daddy got in their swimsuits and set up the kiddy pool in the backyard. The Nugget looked his Daddy up and down and said, "That swimsuit is tight, Dad." As in, tight meaning cool. I don't know where he picked that up (I suspect our sitter who is at least 5 years younger than us and a million times cooler tighter), which makes it all the funnier.

After bathtime, the Nugget looked in the mirror and squealed at about 200 decibels, "I have nipples!", like it was a grand surprise! My side still hurts from laughing.

The Nugget is very attached to his one pair of shortalls. I love overalls on small children, but unfortunately they do not lend themselves well to the Nugget's body type (long torso, shorter legs). We were finally given one pair that fits just right. One of the Nugget's favorite books is Corduroy, you know, about the bear in the green overalls. So he takes much pride and pleasure in wearing "shoulder straps like Core'roy".

The Nugget concerns himself with our hydration. He often suggests to us that, "Mommy/Daddy need a drink of water". It's probably not helping his emerging bossiness, but it's a great reminder, so we usually go with his suggestion.

Instead of saying, "That's yummy," the Nugget says "That's a yum."

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