Sunday, May 30, 2010

The melon whisperer

The Nugget is pretty interested in bodily functions. He especially wants us to be able to produce them on command. "Daddy wanna yawn/make a burp/sneeze/cough please!" He is overjoyed when we can perform on demand and grief-stricken when we cannot.

We took the Nugget to the Farmers' Market, and he ran to a crate of watermelons, yelling, "Hi wah-wer-melons!" He stroked them lovingly, whispering, "Gentle pats", then gave them each a hug. There's just something about produce that brings out his soft side!

Our little strawberry patch is providing a bounty of berries this year, plenty to share with the squirrels, rabbits, birds, and slugs. Still, even with these garden guests, each of us can still enjoy a handful of untouched berries each evening. The Nugget takes his harvesting duties very seriously and carefully crouches in the dirt to pluck each ripe berry from the patch. He makes overdramatic sound effects when he snaps each berry free, grunting like Monica Seles at Wimbledon.

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