Monday, May 24, 2010

Signs of spring

Spring at our house means fresh-picked strawberries from the garden, peonies from the backyard, more bubble soap than you can shake a wand at, and Woolite for hand-washing the Nugget's swimwear in the kitchen sink (swim diaper, trunks, and rash guard).

Yeah, we can go swimming in May. We broke 90 yesterday.

Spring means up to 5 changes of clothes for the Nugget each day. It means fresh sidewalk chalk drawings, skinned knees, and bandaids.

Spring means laundry on the clothesline, flip-flops, and ordering sunscreen in bulk.

Spring means that Doggie is birthing plenty of hairbabies.

Spring means that I should be constantly sweeping the floors to combat all the sand, dirt, and grit (and hairbabies) that my boys and the dog track into the house but instead I am often shirking my housekeeping duties and out in my lawn chair sipping a diet Coke and watching the boy splash in the pool. Because this is the only spring when he'll be 2 years old.

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