Monday, May 31, 2010

We love shoes!

Is there anything more fun than shoe shopping? Shopping for tiny shoes for tiny feet! But it can also be stressful, especially since they can really eat a hole into your budget. Tiny feet grow so quickly, and little ones are really rough on their shoes. We look for shoes that fit the Nugget's wide feet comfortably, have a very flexible sole, and clean up well, whether they're machine-washable or just easy to wipe down. Here are some of our favorite brands. As always, I am not endorsed or paid in any way for our recommendations, just sharing what we love!

Robeez - The standard leather bootie for prewalkers. They really, truly stay on! We still use them as indoor slippers for the Nugget. We go on a lot of playdates and take our shoes off at the door - I keep a pair in my diaper bag so the Nugget can have his toes protected from stray Legos and his socks protected from wear and tear. You can find them on sale for as low as $17 and regular price is close to $30. I heard that they were just bought by Stride Rite. Cute knock-offs abound as well. We tried a Ministar (by Bobux) pair from Target, and while they were just as cute and stayed on just as well, the elastic wore out a lot faster. I like the idea of these eco-friendly Isabooties, but haven't tried them yet.

Vincent - I get a lot of compliments on these flashy shoes, sized perfectly for wider feet. They are a Swedish brand, and their styles are very unique. They are in EU sizes, which I prefer. I can often find them on sale (they have a huge clearance section year round and often post coupon codes on Cool Mom Picks) either on their actual website or on Amazon (I prefer Amazon because I can get them with Super Saver Shipping for $20-25. In the picture above, the Nugget is modeling Smith.

Pediped - These are my absolute favorites. They can be spendy, topping out around $27-50 per pair. But they are really worth the money. I wouldn't recommend them if your kids' feet grow really quickly, but if the growth has slowed, you'll really get your money's worth. They are EU-sized generously, with a special insole that you can use (included). You order a little big for your child, pop in the insert to snug up the shoes, then remove the insert when the shoes feel a little tight, and voila! - you've gone another half-size up. They last and last, and my favorites are the Jakes - there is a sneaky rubber toe cap (in the same color as the shoe) that keeps my toe-dragging son looking spiffy. Again, I try to get them on Amazon, sometimes discounted, and I save on the shipping. A couple times a year, Pediped has a sale on selected styles to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation - pretty cool. They also have sweet crib shoes that look like real shoes as opposed to booties, but are soft and comfy.

Grammy's favorite is the old stand-by, Stride Rite. I have zero complaints about any of the shoes she's bought for the Nugget there - they always fit well and look cute. He seems to grow out of them quicker than the other brands, but I think it's because they carry the half-sizes, so you really get the best fit. Their selection of wide shoes is somewhat lacking.

We only bought one pair of shoes from Livie and Luca, but oh my word, they were the softest, most buttery-delicious things ever. Their sizes are American, but run very small, so print out their sizing guide from the website before you order. Very sad that the Nugget's feet are too big for another pair from them. If I had a little girl, I'd snap up these Orange London Boots in a second!

My favorite shoe splurge was WoolyBaby. I got the Nugget a pair of slippers here made from upcycled sweaters. Cute, cute, cute!

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