Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's in your trunk?

As the Nugget's grown, I find that I'm able to leave more "stuff" in the car and lug less of it in the diaper bag. Here's what I keep in the car:

Year round:
Box of cereal bars or granola bars
Bottled water in case of emergency (we got a flat tire one August, and I was very happy that I had clean fresh albeit warm water for the Nugget to drink while we waited for AAA).
Paper towels
Trash bag
2 disposable diapers or pull-ups
Travel wipes
Excedrin migraine (for me)
Hoodie for the Nugget - You never know when it's going to get chilly
Direction Notebook - instead of printing directions to our playdates each morning, I write down directions to each of our friends' houses and local parks/libraries and keep them in the driver side pocket. It saves paper and I can also jot down adjustments when Google directions don't cut it.
Bag of toys - right next to the Nugget's car seat. He's finally big enough to help himself to his own distractions - whoopeee!
Reusable grocery bags - I use my biggest one to hold all of them.

Cheap small playground ball
Towel - in case Nugget takes an unexpected dip or run in a sprinkler, also use it to wipe down slides at the playground after the rain.
Fold up picnic blanket - I got mine on special at Costco, but here's another version that zips up, is machine washable, is water-resistant side for damp grass, and has handles like ours.

Ice scraper
Warm blankets - one crib size, one adult size, for emergencies

What's in your car?

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  1. Beyond what you've already said: jumper cables (even though we have AAA), small crochet project, crossword or sudoku book, warm hat for Murphy, umbrella stroller, empty tub for doggy drinks, newspaper bags for dog poop pick-up, dog leashes, snow chains, neck pillow, and a few other things that need to be put away in the garage.