Thursday, June 10, 2010

Conversations with the Nugget

Me: How are you doing, Nugget?
N: (grins, runs to bookshelf and grabs a toy flag) Actually, I have a flag, Mom.

Backstory: I call a U-pick strawberry farm to confirm it's open and rush the family there in the drizzle, a 20 minute drive, dangerously close to dinnertime, so the Nugget can have the joy of picking strawberries in an open field. Picking produce from the plant/tree is one of his greatest thrills in life, we've been talking about picking strawberries at a farm for weeks, and I just found out that the strawberry season is going to come and go in about 5 days, so time is of the essence. We arrive only to have the owner tell me that the person I spoke to on the phone was mistaken - they are closed. I head back to the car disappointed to put it mildly.
Me: I am so sorry but the owner said there was a mistake, and they're already closed today. I'm very sorry to have you boys drive all this way for nothing. I know you are hungry and tired, and I'm just so so sorry. We'll go right home and have dinner. I feel terrible.
N: It's ok, Mom.

N: (going into his tent) This my kaah-coon, Mom.
Me: Your cocoon?! Are you a caterpillar?
N: Yes. A caterpillar going night-night. I need my giraffe. (runs upstairs and returns with giraffe) I need my Grammy blanket! (repeat) I need my turtle blanket. (repeat) I need my pillow! (repeat) I ready now. Honk-shooo!
Me: Goodnight, caterpillar.
N: (coming out of tent) I a beautiful butterfly!

Me: Ok, it's your turn to stir the batter.
N: You're a good mom.
Me: Thank you! I love you.
N: I love you. You're a good mom.

I am 99.9999% sure that I'm the luckiest mom on earth.

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