Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are some recent entertaining words from the Nugget.

Anvil's flipping like a pancake! Do the trick again, Anvil. Whoa! A somah-sault!

I saw those dolphins go Spee-lash! Wow! And they went jump, jump - whoa. And they kicked ball! (wild hand motions)

Hey, I hear Daddy talking. (We were upstairs, and Daddy was on the first level.) He's talking. Hey, Dad. Dad, I coming to see you! HI!

Daddy in shower, washing. He getting all bubble-ly and clean. Mommy, you wanna take a shower now? Get all bubble-ly?

(after putting on clothes in the morning and surveying his outfit) I am looking awesome, Mom.

What flavor would you like? Ok tortoise, you can have strawberry. Yum-yum, it tastes good.

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