Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I making a dance

The Nugget was born dancing. Both his Tummy Mummy and Poppy were accomplished dancers in school, so I like to think that the Nugget is made partly of music. Here's what he likes to say,

"I making a dance."

"I doing a stretch now." (pictured above, the Nugget shows off some yoga moves)

"I playing that music."

"I want listen that music song in cd player, please."

And like any good dancer, the Nugget loves his leg warmers. He calls them leggies and requests to wear them nearly every day. The Nugget's natural charisma allows him to pull off pretty much any fashion risk. This is especially fantastic for me and has allowed me to score him great deals on flashy apparel like orange shoes, kelly green shorts, and some seriously look-at-me stripes. Most people leave the crazy on the racks, but I know immediately that the Nugget will make the crazy look amazing.

1 comment:

  1. Murphy and the Nugget have a lot in common! P.S. "Most people leave the crazy on the racks" is cracking me up in a serious way. :-)