Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Printer's printing

The Nugget likes me to feign sorrow. He'll say, "Mommy sad? Mommy have a tear?" Lately he's added, "Printer's printing?" At first I was baffled, but then I remembered that in March, the printer was acting up just as I needed to print a multitude of projects for Baby Manny's shower, and I did indeed cry while trying to get it to work. Obviously he remembers and thinks that the thought of a printer printing (technically I was despairing over it NOT printing) will open my floodgates!

Today, the Nugget looked at the word "VALUE" painted on a window. We were inside and it was painted for the folks on the outside, so the letters were backwards and EULAV from our perspective. The Nugget correctly spelled it out, V-A-L-U-E and asked us what it spelled. I am really impressed that he not only recognized the backwards letters but also somehow knew how to read the letters right to left when normally he reads them left to right. Hubby also told me that he's seen the Nugget spell words correctly when he sees the letters upside down. In other spelling news, the Nugget looked at his copy of Goodnight Gorilla yesterday, and confidently told me, "G-O-R-I-L-L-A spells gorilla." Whoa. Scripps, here we come.

The Nugget has had some interesting breakfast conversations with fruit this week. Yesterday, I overheard him introducing his half-eaten banana to the salt and pepper. "Banana, here's the salt. There's the pepper," He held up his banana stump close to each spice grinder, presumably so the banana could get a better look. Today, he was putting strawberry slices into his empty milk cup, one by one, "Now it's your turn. Wait, strawberry. Ok, it's your turn now. Go ahead, strawberry." I used to personify some of my food too, but I remember not being able to eat it after talking to it. The Nugget does not share this aversion and cheerfully consumes the fruits he's been conversing with, just moments later.

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