Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Second City

We leave the Nugget's old highchair folded up near our table. We host a lot of playdates and it's nice to have it ready to go for the littler ones. The Nugget's friend, Baby J, is a frequent user of the highchair. So much so that the Nugget calls it, "Baby J's chair!" and sometimes likes to pretend that Baby J is taking meals with us in between visits. One day we were enjoying a special treat of cupcakes, and the Nugget pointed to the chair and said, "Baby J is having a cupcake too." Daddy asked, "Does he like the cupcake?" The Nugget looked solemnly at the highchair for a moment, as if waiting for feedback from invisible Baby J, then turned to Daddy and said, "Yeah."
The Nugget pointed to a neighbor's car parked on the street and said, "That's a race car, Mom. It's probably going to Chicago."

While watching a squirrel scurry and leap from tree to tree, the Nugget remarked, "That squirrel is funny. It's a good climber, Mom. It's probably going to Chicago."

When admiring an airplane soaring overhead, the Nugget made his own airplane noises and observed, "That's a silver plane, a jumbo jet....going to Chicago."

Apparently, all roads don't lead to Rome...they lead to Chicago.
At our neighborhood picnic last week, the host kindly handed out popsicles to the kids. You get what you get and you don't get upset (one of my favorite rules) was in effect. The Nugget, his friend W, and Daddy all got orange popsicles. W exclaimed, "Look, we all have orange!" The Nugget cheered, "Lots and lots of orange ones." They banded together, giggling and slurping, bonded by the food coloring in their popsicles, for a full 8 minutes.

Which reminds me that the Nugget requests a/c in the car by saying, "Lots and lots of cooling, please. More cooling."

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