Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Under construction

During the summer, campus is filled with heavy construction vehicles and caution tape. It will look picture-perfect by the time the students arrive in the fall: golf course-lush grass, just the right amount of ivy creeping up the brick buildings, the fountains skimmed of seeds, and mums all in bloom. But right now, it's jack hammers and digger trucks, just the way the Nugget likes it.

On Father's Day, we took both Nugget and Doggie to campus for a bike ride/walk. As it was Sunday, all the construction vehicles were carefully lined up in a row, behind the temporary barricades. The Nugget spotted them from afar and furiously motored right over to gawk.

N: They're not moving. Digger trucks taking a rest. 1-2-3-4 digger trucks. They all taking a rest. Digger trucks need giraffe, blanket, pillow, binky.
Me: Hmm, I don't see any binkies. Where would a digger truck put a binky?
N: (Thoughtfully scrutinizes the diggers, then takes a pretend binky out of his own mouth) Here's a binky, digger truck. (holds the pretend binky up to the first truck) Put it in mouth. There you go. Here's another binky, another binky, another binky. (Distributes a pretend binky to each truck.) Night night, digger trucks.

Then he scooted off, satisfied that the diggers would rest well.

*Oldie but goodie photo. The Nugget's onesie reads, "Work in Progress"

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