Monday, July 19, 2010

3 years old

Dear Nugget,

This Saturday, you turned 3. I am loving this phase. You are strong-willed, wiley, verbal, forceful, exuberant, affectionate, clingy, boisterous, bossy, smart, and quick. You keep us on our toes, and I never thought outwitting a 3 year old would take so much energy. "No" and "mine" are your favorite words, yet you are quick to ask for a hand to hold or to plant a surprise kiss.

I feel more confident in my abilities to handle your public freak-outs with grace and calm goodwill instead of horror and embarrassment. You want the world to go exactly the way you have it planned in your head, and I can relate. You can tell me what you love, what you hate, you can take me on the adventures inside your mind and make them real. You love to have jobs and feel important...really, who doesn't?

You are sprouting up before our eyes, and we love the person you were, the person you are, and the person you are becoming.


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  1. Happy Birthday (a little late) to the Nugget. Beautiful reflections on who he is right now, Annie. Hooray for 3!