Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fair Fun

We took the Nugget to the 4H fair this weekend. After living near the Puyallup Fairgrounds, our local fair is very modest and small, but it's just right for the Nugget. Easily walkable and plenty of wonders to see and experience.

The Nugget is a sizeable 41 inches, according to the midway measurements, which meant that he could ride all the "kiddy" rides solo this year. And unlike last year, we could actually trust him to stay seated with his seatbelt fastened. Fair rides are ridiculously overpriced - I am tempted to launch into a diatribe about how "back in my day they cost a quarter", but I'll refrain. Oops, too late. Anyway, the fair comes but once a year, so I felt like it was money well spent. I mean, would you look at that grin?!

One really funny thing was a booth full of yard spinny things (second picture from the top). I'm sure they have a technical name that I don't know. The booth was HUGE and they had about 150 spinners staked into the ground for display. The Nugget was pulled as if by a magnetic field, slack-jawed and zombie-like into his very own Mecca. If you know this kid at all, you know he is entranced by anything and everything that spins or twirls. He went from spinner to spinner, oohing reverently, and coaxing the stalled spinners back into fantastic motion. I asked him if he wanted to pick one out to take home, and bafflingly, he refused. I guess he didn't want to ruin the 8th wonder of the world by plucking a single spinner.

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