Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Reunion - Top 10

Top 10 Memories from our Family Reunion (2010) - by the Nugget

10. Preemptive screaming while I was waiting for my turn on the Tilt-a-Whirl. I enjoyed watching this ride and sitting between my cousin A and her friends M & J. But in my own words, "This ride goes too fast." That practice screaming sure was fun though!

9. Tickles! The adults at this reunion were a constant source of tickles. I happen to like tickles A LOT and will beg for more, "Again, please!" When someone got tired of tickling me, I could solicit any other grown-up for more. It. Was. Awesome.

8. Uncle A played this new game with me. He'd pick me up and pretend to drop me. He always caught me though, I knew he wouldn't let me fall. Uncles are good at that sort of thing.

7. Getting piggyback rides from my big cousins, B and A, and A's friend Z. Walking is so overrated.

6. Playing trains and blocks with cousin M.

5. Telling everyone about airplanes. And coloring airplane pictures for my aunt and cousins. And talking to my Uncle M, who is a real-life pilot! And riding 2 airplanes and "my blue bus" that took us to and from the airport parking lot.

4. Making Mommy and Daddy wade in the Pacific with me. Adults make really funny faces when the water is cold.

3. Playing in the sand. The beach is like a huge, giant sandbox, except there are cool rocks and shells everywhere, and birdies to chase.

2. Playing bullfighter with Papa. I was the bull, and I got to charge Papa's red jacket.

1. Giving goodnight hugs and kisses to my family before bed. There were so many people at the house, that I got to stay up way past by bedtime, just by saying goodnight to everyone!

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