Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Little Cabbage

On the Nugget's 3rd birthday, Baby Manny made her debut! So the Nugget got a new cousin and a birthday buddy. Grammy and Grandpa are thrilled to have 2 grandchildren with the same birthday - what are the odds?!

Baby Manny needs a new nickname on the blog - after all, she won't be a baby forever. I've been gazing at her photos but couldn't come up with something on my own. Apropos since my brother and sister-in-law took over 9 months to name her. Luckily, my sister posted the perfect moniker for her, so now I can welcome....Little Cabbage (the baby formerly known as Baby Manny). Nugget and Cabbage...doesn't that sound like a hipster boutique?

We are so tickled to add Little Cabbage to our family tree. I am so jealous of my sister who lives just minutes away - it will be another long month and a half before I can cuddle the Cabbage. Isn't she beautiful? (And lest you think me sexist, also smart, funny, athletic, strong, kind, etc. But for now, she's mostly working on getting that cute thing down. And eating/pooping.)

Also, my little brother - the one who used to fart on my pillow - is a daddy now, and a great one at that. Weird.

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  1. Of course I am celebrating LC's arrival, but I am just dying about the pillow-farting thing with your brother. Hilarious!!!