Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our little mechanic

The Nugget announces every time we hear the gentle click and whir of our central air, and runs over to the nearest vent to "feel the cooling". Sometimes he is so intent on the race to a vent that he trips over his toys. Grammy noted that the first time she observed the run to the vent, she couldn't believe that a 3 year old would even notice a/c, not to mention be so interested in it. I had just figured that every toddler was inherently obsessed with "lots and lots of cooling".

The Nugget has started adding "too-day" into his vocabulary. I think he has a vague understanding of what it means, but he'll tack it onto the end of all his sentences.
"Mommy wanna ride in Mommy's car too-day?"
"I am playing with dump truck too-day."
"I am climbing this ladder too-day!"

Just now, the Nugget is playing on the floor behind me. I let him play with the spare buttons that come attached to clothing, and he's enjoying taking them in and out of their tiny plastic baggies. I heard him say, "I am doing machines too-day," and felt my chair vibrate slightly. I turned around to see the Nugget depositing the buttons into the swiveling office chair, in a place that will require me to take apart the entire chair. Fantastic. I have said since he was about 12 months that someday we are going to come home to find our toaster, fridge, or car totally disassembled so that he can learn how it works. Hubby has already noted that the Nugget loves tools and "fixing" in a way that he never did, and as a person who didn't understand how a dishwasher worked in high school (much to the entertainment of my family), I sure hope his school has shop class or something to meet his desire to build and destroy. And he can pay us back for the childhood destruction by being our handyman when he gets older. I'm hoping he can redo our kitchen.

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  1. That's awesome. :) How precious to see his giftings develop so early in life. I am reading the book called 'My Hearts At Home' by Jill Savage and one of the chapters talks about the home as a research lab. Sounds like you guys are great about letting your lil explorer do just that! I enjoy your blog Annie. You are a great writer!