Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stinkies be-gone!

This is an unpaid product review, just because I like to share what works!

Hubby has some STINKY workout clothes. He loves the new artificial fabrics that reduce chafing and wick moisture. I'm so glad they are working for him, but I was afraid I was going to have to replace them every 3 months, because they have been coming out of the laundry just so stinky. If he hangs them up to dry, the whole room reeks. We tried BumGenius diapers for the Nugget when he was smaller, and they too, were an artificial fiber fleece that wicked moisture away. And after about 3 months, I gave them to charity, because I could NOT get the odor out. The new XL pocket dipes I got for the Nugget also include microfiber inserts, so I was determined to find a solution.

I heard a significant buzz in the cloth diapering world about this new natural detergent specifically made to get the stinkies out of artificial fibers. It's called Rockin' Green, and they have 3 formulas - classic, hard water, and soft water. I ordered a sample, and with shipping, it was only $1.78. I "rocked a soak" by filling the bathtub with hot water and the sample packet of Classic Rock, Bare Naked Babies (unscented), and I swirled Hubby's workout clothes in the tub, then left them there overnight. I immediately smelled the stink when the clothes hit the water, but the smell dissipated within 2 hours. The next morning, the bathroom smelled totally neutral. I gave the clothes a quick rinse, then washed them like usual, with our regular detergent (Charlie's), and they were completely odor-free and soft coming out of the drier.

Rockin' Green costs about twice as much as Charlie's, so I am ordering a full bag (and some scented samples!) but will save it to strip the odor out of the clothes and inserts when needed and stick to Charlie's for our regular laundry. Still, a single bag with shipping is cheaper than replacing even 1 of those workout shirts, so I am so very pleased!

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  1. Awesoem find! But I have to tell you my "Duh!" moment - I was reading the post and missed the 'out' part of workout at first. I started thinking "What in the world do they have him doing at that University to get all stinky?" LOL