Saturday, July 3, 2010

XL Diapers

Having a bigger-than-your-average-bear child has thrown me more curve balls than I ever could have expected! The latest obstacle is that since the Nugget is now the size of an average 5 year old, diapers are much harder to find. I used to joke when he was a (giant) newborn that if he kept growing like a weed, he would have to either wear Depends or potty train early. Well, that joke basically came true. He is on the potty learning road and checking out every detour, so we still need a diaper supply to tide us over until the Nugget really "gets it". The Thirsties covers that we loved so much were popping open under his pants. The Huggies Overnites still fit, but he'd wake up drenched from sternum to toe at 5am, cold and complaining, "Eh-eh-eh...Mommy..."

While I think the internet sometimes is a problem for us parents (way too much conflicting advice!), this is one case where it was a huge help. I located 2 cloth diaper companies, FuzziBunz and Green Acre Designs, that carry an XL. Then I went on diaperswappers armed with the right search terms and found 6 secondhand XL GADs, which are working great! Easy to put on and off my active boy, absorbent, cute, and comfy. That's our daytime solution for now.

Our nighttime salvation came from bedwetter pants. We tried both the Huggies Goodnites and the Pampers Underjams. They are pull-up style, slim-fitting, stretchy, and soft. Best of all, they hold a whole night's worth of liquid output, so the 5am wakeup calls are a thing of the past. Whew! Both brands seem to work equally well, so we'll probably just buy whatever is on sale that week. And I can get them discounted through OR find them at Target if I don't stay on top of my inventory. Whew! This means underpants are still optional - Hooray!

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