Friday, October 22, 2010

Teacher Holiday Gifts 2010

I got to spend 2 hours volunteering in the Nugget's classroom yesterday. Whew, do I have bucketloads of respect and awe for his teachers. A room full of spirited 3 year olds - all with their quirks, fears, tyrannical demands, budding social skills, defiance, energy, and a healthy dose of cuteness - let's just say that I was only there 2 hours and I nearly lost my voice. I didn't raise it a single time, it was just constant talking,

"Friends, let's use our words. Gentle hands, please. What is it that you wanted? Would you like some help with your shoe? Nugget, you can play with my belt buckle when we get home, right now I need to keep my pants fastened. Friend, where does this block go? Yes, I see that you are working hard on that painting!"

But I digress.

Anyway, I've been working on building their holiday gifts, and I wish it could be so, so much more, but there are 3 teachers and our budget is tight. Here's what I've come up with so far, and my budget saving tips as well!

1. A black and white polka dotted tin pail from the Target Dollar Spot. I bought these a couple years ago, about a dozen of them. Target has these tin pails in different colors all the time, but I thought the black and white looked especially clean, a Kate-Spade feel with a dollar store price.

2. I am using the Bath and Bodyworks coupons for a free travel-size classic for mini hand lotions. I have gotten 2 free so far, am waiting for one more coupon! I used the 20% off coupon on their special deal 5 for $5 mini hand sanitizers (so I got 5 for $4). I am matching up the scents so that each teacher gets a hand sanitizer and lotion. Unlike bubble bath or shower gel, I know the teachers will need and use both products the 2 hours I spent there, the teachers helped each child try the potty/change a diaper twice, having to wash their hands between each one. Miss P also fished a lovey out of the toilet. Sweet.

3. Their perpetually chipper faces indicate that they are either robots or they use large quantities of caffeine. So I'm including a Starbucks gift card in each pail as well.

4. Once I get my holiday baking done, I will probably include just a handful of sweets, probably the pretzel-Rolo-pecan turtles I love to make.
Depending on my time and coupon stash, I may also make hand-sanitizer/hand lotion packs for the 2 receptionists and the Gym Bus teacher. Who else do you gift at your kids' school? I know there are student helpers, but I don't know their names. Maybe a plate of cookies for them?

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  1. I've already started thinking about it too, but you're way ahead of me. I think we'll just do Josh's two main teachers (morning and afternoon). The extra helpers rotate in/out, and I'd go broke trying to gift them all!

    Do you have a smartphone? My best friend hooked me up with the MobiQpons app. It's great! When you open it, it finds you, and all the stores within a ____ mile radius and their online coupons. BBW almost always has a coupon for a free travel size something or $5 off, etc. If you have a smartphone, it was a free app and I highly recommend it!