Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Gift Closet - 2011 Kids' Birthdays

Here's what I'm stocking in my gift stash for 2011. The first 3 are mainly to send to our out of state friends/family, so I keep them small and light to save on shipping costs.

1. The same personalized snack bags I gave out in 2010, for all the '10 babies :) Scored a bulk discount from the seller.

2. Enamelware cups for the 2-3 year olds. Bonus - my friend's daughter attends a Montessori school, and this company will give the school a portion of my purchase when I enter their code.

3. A smencil and a mini notebook for the 4+. I saved by purchasing a pack of Smencils with a Borders coupon, then I divvy them up one per kiddo. I keep my eye out at Target and CVS for multipacks of flat notebooks on sale and if the graphics on the cover aren't cute enough, I will cover them with scrapbook paper to match the kids' interests. This seems like a strange gift when you think about all the intricate toys they make for 4+, but I swear kids love having special book to write/draw in, and the scented pencil is a bonus.

4. Bonus on hand: I have a few sets of rock crayons and coloring books, some felt boards, magnetic puzzles, cute bath buddies (a loofah with an animal face) and bath salts, in case the Nugget's local friends invite him to their birthday parties.

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  1. My kids just LOVE getting a simple notepad and pencil. I think it is the highlight of gift giving! Always good ideas!